Who We Are

We are a small village on the North Norfolk coast with a very large Anglican church building, which is often referred to as “the cathedral of West Norfolk”. A large proportion of the village is retired but many new houses being built are bringing in not only new people who buy holiday homes but an increasing number of young families. As a result, with the arrival of a new rector, Rev Rachel Alexander, we have an exciting opportunity to reach out to these new arrivals by introducing more modern forms of services as well as enjoy some of the more traditional liturgy of the Anglican faith.

St Mary’s is a very musical church and one famous for its heritage. The Friends of St Mary’s is a very active group organising concerts and recitals year-round. Spire Project will bring the Social events too happen year-round from simple coffee morning to major Barn Dances and Auction of Promises.

Most of all we are a very welcoming church and one that aims to show the love of God through our worship and daily lives.


During the present Covid19 crisis there are no church meetings held and urgent business is conducted online with all PCC members. All present PCC members remain in place until such time as the APCM is rescheduled. Meanwhile I thank all PCC members for continuing to support both the church family and larger community.
All take care and all your prayers are much appreciated.
Marian : Church Warden.